English name: Tien Thinh infrastructure-construction joint stock company

Headquarter: No 47 Road 3-8 Gamuda Gardens Urban, Tran Phu, Hoang Mai, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Office: Room 801, B Tower, CTI 1-1B Building, Vinh Hoang Urban, Hoang Mai, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Telephone: +84. 462935159; Hotline: +84.988612203; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Infrastructure works: Road, Lake, Storm Drainage system

Civil works: Factory, Building, Hospital, School

Demolition and disposal, Equipment for rent

Design and Supervise projects.


TienThinh’s culture is grounded in integrity and respect. This means adbering to the highest standards of ethics. Our reputation as an ethical company is one of our most valuable assets. We stand by everything we do.


At TienThinh, quality means doing the job right the first time. We’ve always delivered quality work, and we are continually striving to improve our performance through TOTAL QUALITY CONTROL and other initiatives.


TienThinh has a SAFETY CONTROL PROGRAM with high safety requirements. All situations (risk) be considered at the planning step. No accident, no injury project is target required us “ see through” the job in advance.


To become a benchmark brand in infastructure and civil construction field.

Vision description:

+ TienThinh Company will become the strong brand with admitting an needs from client.

+ Every one in TienThinh be aware that:

  • Customers as their key element in services.
  • Customers’ satisfaction as an aim and an effective measurement of the organization as well as every single member of the Company.
  • The trust of the customers to create the company’s prestige


The TienThinh cultural foundation is always brought up and developed based on strongly keeping the following values:

+ Customers & Partners

  • Honesty to get the trust from customers
  • Devoted and caring for customers’ happiness

+ Services: Detailed and exact to get the perfection

+ Brand: Passion and creation to have breakthrough in construction field.

+ Employee: Respect and harmony.

+ Job: Concentrate, innovating and consistency to get the effectiveness.


Concentrate on construction of infrastructure, factories, building to become the best brand by Higher quality, more safety, complete in time, better price in order to reaching ART of construction.


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